About Mesha

Mesha Munyan is a Santa Barbara, CA native who now resides in Sequim, WA. After moving to Washington in 1978, she acquired the land that is now her farm. A woman of many talents, she uses her property to distill oils from plants, nurture a thriving lavender farm, and host events like photoshoots and weddings. 

About the Farm

As a small, rustic farm, it serves as a retreat from bustling city life and supplies the oils for the many products Mesha makes, such as lotion, massage oil, and lip moisturizer. Located 16 minutes from Sequim, WA, it is a secluded but accessible oasis right on the edge of Olympic National Park. 

About Natural Perfumery

Mesha elects to create natural perfumes using exclusively natural ingredients. Most perfumes manufactured today are made using artificial ingredients to attain strong, attractive scents that last long on the skin. Mesha has worked for many years to perfect her formula so that these same results are attained without the need for inferior, potentially dangerous ingredients. Her natural perfumes are better for people's bodies and for the environment. She has won many numerous awards at the Artisan Fragrance Salon and several articles have been written about her that detail her mission and story.

About Distillation

She's been growing and distilling lavender for essential oil for nearly twenty years. She uses copper alembic stills, as opposed to modern stills, to retain a higher quality of oil. The stills were made in Portugal from copper that work through steam distillation and hydro distillation. She does distillation workshops and distills for others when needed. 

The process is essentially as follows: Mesha uses the still to steam the material she is distilling, such as lavender, frankincense, Douglas fir, etc. In the still, the steam releases the oil from the material, lifts the oil up to the condenser where it all becomes a liquid again, and the oil-water mixture, or distillate, flows from the still into a container where the oil floats and the water, or hydrosol, is separated into a different container. Mesha uses the oils for her perfumes and the hydrosol for her other products like lotion, lip balms, and mists.